Business Management Services

Quantum Dynamics specializes in Business Management Optimization (BMO). Our many years of experience as a small business that is agile and creative provide our customers with a unique and in-depth business management operations expertise. We provide innovative and sustainment business management solutions that are affordable and produced based on a commitment to quality standards.

Let our team of business management professionals become your force multiplier. We deploy quickly to provide you with accurate, cost effective solutions to complex business management problems, or augment your workforce with experienced professionals. Our team of highly trained personnel are experienced in helping organizations ensure that every dollar invested in business management operations, programs, resources allocated, and supporting application development meets the business production goals. Our philosophy for managing defense and federal agency business operations is based on proven practices that are measurable and results oriented. We strive to implement meaningful measures that secure your success. Our highly developed BMO toolkit provides a wide range of strategic functions, plans, management tools, and templates that directly impact business management results.

Quantum, for your business management support?

We have experience in all phases of business management supporting staff functions throughout the Department of Defense and federal government agencies.

Quantum has designed, staffed, and managed a Program Management Office that has been the logic behind the acquisition, procurement, and contract management operation for National Guard organizations.

Work with various contact points for all the military services and DoD agencies to ensure that business management functionality, both current and future, is consistent with good business practices and policies.

We provide daily business management solutions and policy support to several large governmental organizations. Our staff understands policy creation, coordination and execution. We leverage our staff's years of experience to create innovative approaches to business management.

Quantum is also an expert in the execution of policy, including the support necessary to analyze changes necessitated by policy changes and incorporating them into business management systems.

Management Services

  • Operations management or production management
  • Strategic management
  • Financial management
  • Automated Business Management
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Market Research
  • Contract Management and Measuring Performance
  • Procurement Initiation Document Preparation
  • Human Capital Management
  • Acquisition Training
  • Program Management Office (PMO) Support and Staffing
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Source Selection Board Administration Support
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Procurement Systems Administration
  • e-Business Consulting
  • Quantum Dynamics is the ultimate resource for federal government business management support.

Experience and Credentials

Our staff includes former senior personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps with business management experience in all types of DoD acquisition and contracting functions. Several members of the staff have had military assignments in military service secretariats and major commands. Our Business Management Division, Acquisition and Contracting Program team provides hands-on practitioners, managers, business advisors and subject matter experts to support government contracting offices, government program offices and prime contractors.

We work side-by-side with government and associate contractors in supporting the government's acquisition missions. Our expertise includes all procedures, tools and training associated with the procurement and management of supplies and services. We provide analysis and documentation support acquisition planning, cost and price analysis, performance-based service contracting, contracting by negotiation (source selection plan, factors, evaluation criteria), preparation, negotiation and award of contracts and modifications, all phases of contract administration and support contract realignments, FOIA requests, termination or close out of contracts. We also support our government customers with special projects, acquisition policy and issue research, acquisition policy maintenance support, small business doing business guides and acquisition workforce issues, toolkits, communities of practice, knowledge management and training.

Acquisition & Business Management Experience

  • Acquisition/business advisory support
  • Acquisition strategy and acquisition management planning and implementation
  • Acquisition benchmarking, initiatives and hands-on services support
  • Acquisition policy management and implementation support
  • Acquisition process analysis and implementation support
  • Acquisition streamlining
  • Contracting, pre-solicitation, award, post-award
  • Contract administration, contract writing systems
  • Contractor performance monitoring
  • DoD major systems contracting
  • Task Order contracting
  • Electronic business/commerce/procurement
  • Quantum is expert at combining DoD procurement experience with automated acquisition expertise.

Success Stories

We assisted and supported the Army National Guard to design, develop and implement a new Program Management Office to support their recruiting and retention mission. Our team of experts assisted the organization’s managers and leadership in defining acquisition and procurement planning strategies, program requirements, conducting market research, developing cost benefit analysis, developing quality assurance surveillance plans, and contract/contractor management oversight.

Quantum provides the full spectrum of e-Procurement support services. We combine government contracting expertise, specific e-Procurement knowledge and the information technology to meet an organization's e-Procurement needs.

  • End-to-End (E2E) support – Support for all of the paperless acquisition systems in place throughout the DoD and federal agencies.
  • Knowledge Management – Customized solutions using commercial tools to provide quick and easy access to the most current acquisition information.
  • Business Intelligence – commercial tools to make strategic business decisions about your acquisition business operations.
  • Source Selection decision support – expert consulting services to support complex source selections.
  • Business Process Improvement support – rationalize processes to increase the efficiency of operations using management tools tailored to the organization’s needs.
  • Training – onsite training to support all aspects of business management.

Quantum delivers business management solutions for government agencies that are quick for their team to adopt and provide specific solutions to their exact needs. Our business management toolkit, training and support can help you to:

  • Stay in compliance with government regulations
  • Reduce time to contract award
  • Provide better contractor management and oversight
  • Ensure analysis is available of cost to cost objectives with traceability back to source transactions
  • Gain control over your program and contractor performance through continual monitoring
  • Meet your compliance requirements with guidance from our team of experts

By delivering a solution that improves your organization’s efficiency and productivity - and doing so in a way that allows for fast adoption by your existing staff - Quantum can help your organization cut costs, maximize program outputs, and achieve mission success.

Our Team

Our team consists of credentialed contracting managers and program managers from both the private and public sectors with an average of 10 years of experience. They are skilled practitioners who understand the Federal and Defense Acquisition Regulations (FAR/DFAR) as well as they understand acquisition policy and management. They are technical experts who can help you evaluate your automated business operation, program and contracting management environment in terms of legislative compliance, vulnerability and policy compliance. Finally, they have extensive hands-on contracting expertise building acquisition solutions encompassing a wide range of systems, services and items throughout all phases of the acquisition process.

When you are ready to talk about the best ways in which to improve efficiency, drive down costs and leverage the very latest business management practices and technologies, the Quantum Business Management Division is your natural choice to assist you in making solid decisions about your activity's needs. Our number one priority is your satisfaction.