Quantum's Commitment to Quality

At Quantum, quality control is ingrained in all we do. Managers at all levels within the organization, technical, non-technical & personnel, and support personnel all have a crucial role to play in maintaining quality performance. We believe the contractor, not the customer, is responsible for quality control and this philosophy is embedded in our program management approach.

The QDI Organizational QA and QC policies, processes, and procedures are governed by QDI’s Standards and Best Practices (SBP) policies, procedure documents, and tools. QDI uses the ISO 9001:2008 standard as an overall model for its Quality Management System (QMS) and supplements that standard with other models, methods, and tools including the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOKv4), IT Infrastructure Library (ITILv3), Lean Six Sigma (LSS), and the Earned Value Management System (EVMS), tailored appropriately to meet QDI’s customer and business requirements.

Our approach to providing quality is simple, easy to understand, and effective. It consists of two interrelated parts. First, we use a series of our own corporate Policies, Procedures, and written Quality Control (QC) checklists tailored to the various project requirements and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure the highest quality services are delivered. Second, we use a dynamic inspection and response system to facilitate continuous process improvement. The purpose of our dual approach is to identify potential problems and deficiencies and correct them before they occur.